Palmhouse Foundation Scholarships


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Palmhouse Foundation provides Palmhouse Foundation scholarships to bright and talented children from families that are financially challenged by diverse circumstances and most of whom have attended poorly equipped rural primary schools in Kenya.
Without the Palmhouse Foundation secondary school scholarships, their future remains bleak and are likely to remain trapped in the vicious cycle of poverty. By financing their secondary education and mentoring each child through this impressionable age, Palmhouse Foundation believes they will transform their lives, their families and ultimately the society they live in. The Foundation has so far committed to finance the secondary education of children drawn from the entire Republic of Kenya.

  The main factors encountered during the selection process that appear to impact on the children’s circumstances and hence making it difficult for them to secure secondary education include:

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  • Location: Kenya ,Any_county_in_Kenya
  • Bursary Title: Palmhouse Foundation Scholarships
  • Level of Education High_School
  • Applicant Gender Male,Female
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