Our Story

Growing up, the most frustrating thing about my education was the number of times I’d get sent home for school fees, more frustrating is the duration I’d stay at home while my parents hustled to get some money to get me back to school. The only education support funds known to us was the CDF bursary and the most they would issue was 2,000 Kenyan Shillings per term, which was quite insufficient to offset the balance.

I was very passionate about education; I knew it was the only ticket I had to change my life and that of my community. So, anytime I’d be sent home, I felt like I was edging away from achieving my dreams of becoming an engineer.

My biggest wish was that someone would discover about my ambitions and pay for my school fees, It took long for that to happen until one day when I was informed by the school bursar that my school fees had being settled in full by an anonymous well-wisher. It was the happiest moment in my life, it allowed me to study at peace and later on went to pursue Geospatial Engineering at the University of Nairobi.

Realizing how time consuming the process of finding scholarships and bursaries in Kenya is, i created this platform to help bright needy students to access information on bursaries and scholarships in Kenya. Also, this platform enables students to share their stories and seek support from Well-wishers online. It is my hope that this platform goes on to connect thousands of these students to financial aid for their education.

Denis Gachoki

Founder –ebursary.com